Why Creating Great Content Is The Only Online Marketing Strategy You Need To Follow

What comes in your mind when you hear the term “Online Marketing”? Facebook? Blogging? Search Engine Optimization? WordPress? Or maybe you just think about pay per clicks, online advertising and search engine marketing when you hear the term “Online Marketing”. Regardless of these different approaches, one term is definitely clicked in your mind and that is “difficult”. Yes, online marketing is quite difficult.

Online marketing is everything about the type of content that you create. The first and the foremost strategy of online marketing is to make a quality content. Indeed, the facebook likes, twitter followers and other social media sites like instagram, reddit, pinterest and other sites are cool but they do not really create any sort of profit for your business, do they? Just think about it that exactly how many times have you patronized a business because of the likes on a facebook page? Never, right? This is the exact point. Yes, this is true that social media is quite important for the online marketing, but only in that case when you have a really good content.

The Content

The content can be anything, literally, anything. It can be a nicely written article or a blog post, it can be a simple t-shirt with a catchy phrase on it or it can be a fancy t-shirt with some attractive logo. People in this business think that they can catch a huge traffic on their website if they will post some catchy lines along with a catchy photo on Facebook that will lead to an increase in their profits.  Well, this is one wrong concept.  If online marketing were that easy, every single person would be a guru of online marketing. But sadly, this is not the way. Achieving your goal is always worth hard work and constant dedication; just like that, online marketing also requires this type of hard work. Creating a great content is not at all easy, but however, when you get successful in creating a really good content, then you have a huge amount of the means at your disposal that could easily help that specific content to go all viral.

You must have seen many videos on youtube and facebook that has gone really viral. Why? Because of its content. Just because of the content, the video got so many likes and shares on internet. A normal person is not capable to have enough money to make his website go viral so all his asset is his own imagination. With the help of his own imagination, he can create a good content and get fame.

What you should do?

While sharing the content, make sure that you use each and every avenue you can think of. Let it be anything like YouTube channel, Press Release, Social Media, Blog and etc. Do not think about using automated software, they are annoying for the people and for the Google as well. Use your own original content and get your followers.


Social Media Marketing Trends You Should Not Ignore

The truth is that the success of the social media marketing lies in the mixture of different fruitful strategies. The wrong combination of strategies will make your customers run away instead of coming to you. You can increase the use and the profits of social networking site effectively for the marketing if you plan your social media strategies perfectly like the social media optimization according to the latest trends. Some of the recent trends are highlighted in this article that was published by Forbes that was based on the Social Media Marketing Industry Report of 2013.

Less use of social bookmarking sites

According to the reports of the research, the use of the social bookmarking sites has been decreased to ten percent from twenty six percent in the year of 2011. This massive drop in the percentage shows that how badly the bookmarking sites fail. Though there are different sites that are still popular like StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit and etc. but the majority of the sites are almost dying among the marketers. This is the reason why we cannot blindly trust the bookmarking sites nowadays for the marketing purposes. Instead of this, we need to check for the sites that are popular and have a good visitor number and also performs the bookmarking very cautiously.

The Decline of the Daily Deal Sites

Deal Features on a daily basis is quite an attractive way of getting the attention of a large number of targeted audiences at a same time. The report of this research tells us that there is a huge amount of marketers, say 80 percent, who are not at all interested in using the most used site of daily offers for the campaign of their sites in near future. People nowadays, concentrate much on the specific amount of the return that is received from the purchases that they make. Therefore, it is quite useful for marketers to use the social networking sites in order to have a long term marketing goal rather than having daily goals.

Best websites for the social media campaign

The marketers who massively take help of social media in order to complete the marketing task need to carry out the social media campaigns. Social Media Campaigning is basically to use the social networking sites for the promotion of one company’s brand or product in order to attract the audience. The campaign can only be popular if the website that is relevant, is popular among the customers.

The report of this research tells us that the marketers who spend a time of more than forty hours a week on a social media marketing can carry out their campaigns on different effective social media sites like Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube as compared to those marketers who spend less than six hour per week on social media for the marketing and campaigning of their product.


How Do I Get My Website On The First Page Of Google?

How Google (And Other Search Engines) Work

The first thing you should realize about Google is that Google is NOT the Internet. Just because your website does not show up on Google, does not mean it is not on the Internet. Your website can be published on the Internet without being displayed in Google’s search results for a particular keyword.

The way Google and other search engines display websites is this: Google has automated computer systems working around the clock that randomly visit websites all over the Internet, take snapshots of each page, and file them away in a massive database.

As part of taking a snapshot of each web page, Google’s system reads every word and other content on a web page in order to determine the specific subject of the page. Google uses this collected data to determine which web pages to show, and in what order, for a particular keyword search.

In other words, Google’s computer algorithms dynamically determine which web page on the Internet is the most relevant for a specific key word or key phrase and displays it first. It then displays the second most relevant page, and so on. The resulting list of web pages is known as a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

The SERPs are made of three main sections:

The top section usually consists of three paid text ads that relate to the keyword used to conduct the search

The right hand column also consists of several paid text ads that relate to the keyword used to conduct the search

The main section in the middle consists of “organic” (non-paid) listing of web pages that are relevant to the keyword used to conduct the search

Google search engine results pages

How Do I Get My Site On Google?

First, you need to make sure your website has been indexed by Google. To find out if it is, type into the Google search box, replacing with your actual domain name. If you see a listing of your website’s pages, then Google has already indexed your site and will continue to visit it occasionally to check for updates. If your website is not listed, submit it here: It will take 1 or 2 weeks for Google to visit and index your website.

Secondly, remember, Google will only display web pages that are relevant to the keyword being searched. The first step is to make sure your web page’s text is related to the keyword in question. If it’s not, chances are Google won’t show it.

Third, just because your website does not show up on the first page, doesn’t mean it is not showing up at all. Go to the bottom of the results page and click “Next” for page 2 and so on. Your website may be on page 2, page 82 or somewhere in between.

Okay, My Website Is On Google, But It’s On Page 41! How Do I Get It To Show On Page 1?

Ah! You’ve asked the million dollar question. An entire industry has been built to answer this question and millions of dollars are spent each year to accomplish this! My first question for you is, “How much money do you have?” Just kidding, but seriously, the good news is you can pay to be on the first page of Google and it doesn’t have to be a lot of money.

The quickest and easiest way to get on page 1 of Google for a particular keyword is to pay for an advertisement. You sign up with Google, choose the keywords you would like to target, then “bid” (yes, like an auction) on how much you would like to pay every time your ad is clicked on. This is called “pay-per-click bidding”. The higher you bid per click, the higher your ad will appear to the top of the page.

You can also set a daily budget so that when your budget is met, Google will not show your ad any more that day so it won’t be clicked on and you won’t be charged. This is a cheap and easy way to show up on Google’s first page.

The other way to get on page 1 of Google and other search engines is the organic, or natural, method. These are the main results that show in the larger left column of the search engine results pages. These results cannot be achieved by paying money to Google – they are achieved with careful and longterm manipulation of many factors that Google uses when ranking relevancy.

For example:

Quality of Inbound Links (the most important factor!) – If other sites are linking to yours, especially big important sites that have content relating to yours, then Google will rank your site higher.

Keywords in Page Content – Obviously, if the keywords you are targeting actually appear on your site in the text and titles of the pages, you will rank better for those keywords.

Trustworthiness of Domain Name – The longer you’ve owned the domain, the better. Actually, the length of registration helps too (ie 5 year renewal vs 1 year renewal).

URL Structure – “Pretty” URL’s are better ( is better than If your page URL’s are human readable, that’s a good thing.

Internal Link Structure – Your site should be easy to navigate and have a logical link structure.

Bounce Rate – Your bounce rate is the percentage of 1-page visits – the lower the better. This means visitors are visiting more than just one page of your site consistently.

Outbound Links – The links you place on your website should be relevant to the content of your website. Google doesn’t like weird link exchanges that have nothing to do with your industry.

…and many, many more!

Additionally, just because you rank well for one keyword or key phrase, does not mean you will rank well for a similar key word/phrase. Also, Google is constantly updating their ranking algorithms so today’s rankings may not equal tomorrow’s rankings. Expect to see your site move up and down in the rankings on a daily or weekly basis – it may even drop from the rankings altogether. This is why SEO should always be ongoing.

What You Should be Aware of before You Hire a Website Designer

Website-DesignWhen it comes to hiring a website designer for your website, one of the biggest mistakes one can make is to go for the first available option. Just because your brother’s son is a novice web designer would be a cheap option or a small web design firm was recommended to you by your friend doesn’t mean you should go for it. There is much to consider as this is an investment you want to make that provides good ROI. Here’s what you should be aware of before you hire a web designer:

Two Types of Web Designers

Some web designers are graphic genies while others are more programming masters. The graphic design experts will give you a site that immediately woos your audience, but there’s not much going on in the background. The programming experts will give you a decent looking site while all the main work will be in the background, providing high-end efficiency. The choice is yours to make but typically, a site that runs well matters more. However, to some, attracting visitors in the first few seconds is the main goal so they go for the graphic designer experts. So choose wisely: functionality and responsiveness or attractive design?

SEO Optimization is a Priority

Before choosing a web designer, ask them if they’re going to focus on optimization. If they say no or straight up look confused about the prospect, you’re not dealing with a professional. A good website designer will always focus on SEO as a priority and optimization will be hinted in the creation of your site.


Obviously, cost is an element that cannot be ignored. Especially for small businesses, every investment is a significant matter, so how does one choose the right cost and budgeting for web design? The thing is, while the cheap offer from your friend or a site boasting really cheap rates may sound good, the value is zero in both cases so whatever you spend is a waste. The friend’s work won’t set you apart like a professional and the cheap company will probably use templates on your site that are generic and unattractive. It is best to choose a decent, reputable company and bear the costs (though compare different companies to find the most suitable rates) – because in the long run, it is a good site that sells, so the ROI will equalize the cost spent.

You will be Working with the Designer You Choose- Their Attitude Matters!

Lastly, it may seem too insignificant to notice but you want to work with someone who is friendly and cooperative. You need to have a good experience building your site and as a business owner, would probably want to have an important say in all the matters. Any web designer who is not communicative or respectful of your wishes is one who isn’t worth it!

The Value of Having a Custom Website Design

Custom-Web-DesignYour business website is more than just your online presence; it is your image, your quality standard, and a platform for attaining customers. The web design of your site defines all of these aspects for you so its importance cannot be overstated. However, many people find custom web design too “unnecessarily expensive” when there always the cheaper alternate of website templates. To refute that claim, here are all the reasons why custom web design matters substantially.

It Makes Your Website Unique

In the highly competitive market of today, standing out uniquely is ideal. Custom website design allows you to make a truly unique website that is different from all the others. Template design is common and most likely many of your customers are already familiar with the template pattern, layout, and design. Unique custom designs will set a professional and high quality image for your brand.

Better Search Engine Rankings

Custom designed websites will always take the lead when it comes to search engine rankings. This is because they are more optimized for SEO whereas template sites are not optimized at all. This higher ranking means the chances of your website getting traffic increases significantly.

You Own Your Website

With custom web design, you have the most say in how your website is designed. You can add your preferences, focus on features that you know your target audience would enjoy, you can ask for changes to be made, and truly own your website.

Visually Appealing and Feature Loaded

With a custom website design, you are basically starting from scratch. This means you can visually set your website in any way that is most appealing in your opinion and you can add custom features that really grab the interest of your audience. With custom website designs, you effectively cover design and function.

Your Website Design Is on Top

It’s true, custom web design takes more time to create than generic template form websites but once the process is complete, your website is modern, updated, and on the top. It is amongst the latest of websites and with minor tweaks and updates regularly, it can remain one of the trendiest sites in the long run.

Ongoing Support from Custom Web Designers

The continual support your website gets from custom web designers keeps it steadily at a professional and perfect level. Experts even look into your brand specifications and maintain your website within its standards and requirements to keep it completely relevant for your visitors.

To conclude, it is clear from all the benefits of custom website design that while website templates may be cheaper, custom design goes a long way and offers more value for money. As always, an investment is only good once returned!

The Difference between Professional Website Marketing and Personal Website Marketing

professional website marketing

A website owner is always concerned about the traffic their site gets because when it comes to websites, the higher the traffic, the higher the success. However, if you as a website owner are not getting the success you want, then you need to take some measures to improve and enhance your site’s popularity. This is where website marketing comes in.

Website marketing consists of various strategies and techniques that are implemented in order to increase a website’s traffic and success. Some of these techniques are extremely popular such as SEO, email marketing, pay per click ads, etc. but generally there are many techniques involved in website marketing. If you want to make use of website marketing, then you must decide whether you want professional website marketing or personal website marketing. If you want to pick the better option, here are the descriptions of both, along with their pros and cons.

Personal Website Marketing

Personal website marketing is conducted – you guessed it – personally, by the website owners. Considering website marketing techniques are common, it is easy to learn and implement them. However, no matter how much you understand a process, it will not be termed professional unless you’re experienced in the field, so with personal website marketing, professionalism is not to be found. The best reasons for choosing personal web marketing are probably the economical factor and the fact that website owners can completely expect what the results may be, good or bad.

Professional Website Marketing

Professional website marketing is when you get external help from web marketing specialists or professional agencies. The pros of this option are much higher than the pros of personal web marketing. The foremost benefit is professionalism. You get to use techniques that are tried and tested by the professionals, and you get to work with those who know what they’re doing. Additionally, the cost incurred is not an expense but rather an investment because once your website reaches its full potential, it brings returns and you get increased ROI. Another benefit is that you don’t personally have to invest the time and energy on website marketing. It may be easy but it is also time consuming. If you let a professional take care of the web marketing, you can focus on your business and let the pros work on the website.

At the end of the day, professional website marketing prevails over personal due to many reasons and benefits. Your website marketing needs to work, not just be implemented. If you think you are capable of effectively increasing your web traffic yourself, you may do so. But it is a much safer choice to opt for professional website marketing.

The Future of Medical Practice Marketing is Social Media

Social media is commonly used as an effective online marketing tool but when the market at hand is a medical practice, is social media still a good idea for marketing? Approximately 75% of the world’s population uses social media, making it a field of vast potential to tap into. Furthermore, people relate to their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as personal. This kind of personal resonates with personal health concerns, so healthcare or a medical practice is perfectly matched with social media. However, that’s not all there is to know about social media in relation to medical marketing. Social media might just be the future of medical practice marketing for the following reasons:

social media marketing for medical practices

It Gives Your Brand a Personality

Let’s face it – medical practices generally have a sterile kind of image to them. Patients rarely have close connections to these businesses and the overall personality is distant and vague. Using social media can allow your specific medical practice to stand out simply by having a personality. Interacting with patients and customers helps dissolve that distant image and help your organization become familiar to people.

Get Business Feedback

What are your patients saying about you? Are your customers satisfied? Social media gives your followers a platform to provide reviews and feedback. This feedback helps you mold your organization to the likes and satisfaction of your clients. General surveys to gather specific feedback can also be conducted on your social media pages. Furthermore, you can respond to feedback or comments on your social media pages, becoming more responsive and open towards your customers.

Educate and Inform Patients

Social media allows medical practices to attract more customers by providing relevant information and education about their related healthcare field. This helps a medical marketer establish an informed and knowledgeable image and allows patients to rely on the medical practices’ social media pages for good information. You can use your social media to offer unique benefits, provide individual video or image content about your products and services, and generally offer content that attracts people to your business.

Engage in Cross-Promotion Marketing

Social media doesn’t just let you connect with patients or customers, but can also be used to connect with related medical practices to engage in cross-promotion marketing. It works simply – you can connect patients with services of other medical practices and they can do the same for you. This way, you get additional exposure by tapping into the consumer base of other medical practice organizations. It also helps you establish a more professional standing in front of your customers, making you look more authentic and reliable.

The opportunities that reside within social media for medical practice marketing are endless. Good image, good connections, responsiveness and communicativeness, knowledgeability – all of these are positive aspects for a medical practice or organization.

Trends in Online Marketing Activities for Medical Practices

Every industry today is faced with a high level of competition and the medical industry is no exception. Just like all the other industries utilizing digital solutions to make their mark, the same applies to the healthcare or medical industry as well. Here we look at the latest online marketing trends that are ideal for medical practices:

medical professional marketing


It is no secret that content is still a popular digital marketing solution but it is all the more better for the medical industry. Almost 75% of consumers go online to find answers about health questions. This makes it easy to target customers by using content as a means to an end. The people can be easily given content about related services, products, or healthcare brands. Using compelling content makes it even easier to capture the interest of consumers. The customers are already doing the searching – medical practices only have to provide the answers.


Mobile is increasingly becoming one of the most popular trends in online marketing activities and for good reason. With so many of the world’s population having a smartphone in their hands, the potential of attracting their interest keeps rising. Medical practices can use mobile as a unique way to connect to customers by providing them mobile tools that allow them to take better control of their health. In the coming year, more and more customers will connect with medical practices through mobile connections.

Local Advertising

Mobile also opens door for connecting to local audiences. Location based ads use proximity techniques to connect to an audience in a manner that is accessible and within reach. Healthcare marketers and medical practices can easily make use of targeted content, ads, coupons, and more to attract local customers of a specific location.

Social Media

As ever, social media remains a popular medium, even for medical practices. In fact, it is the perfect channel for the healthcare industry because social media is personal for individuals. Additionally, with the rise in popularity of people making their healthcare choices and making them widely known on social media, sites like Facebook and Twitter have become the ideal forums for medical practices to connect with enthusiastic customers, provide their content, build potential, and increase exposure. The main target with using social media for medical practices is to connect to users in a manner that builds trust and confidence – an essential element when it comes to an industry like healthcare. With social media offering the perfect solution to this connection-building, it is safe to say it will remain a trend for a good time.


Videos offer a concise and clear way to understand a brand and its benefits, which is why it is prevailing as a popular trend. Since text content can be time consuming to grasp, video content offers the exact opposite. People can easily understand your medical practice simply by hitting the play button. More and more marketers are turning to video as a preferred form of content.

Using Google Health for Better Medical Practice Marketing

marketing a medical practice

When you compare the act of typing in a health query on Google with the act of going to your doctor to present that health query, the easier of the two is always the former. With the rise of mobile and further convenience of searching for answers online, it is no wonder that people always tend to first turn online for their concerns. This influence that Google has (Google, because it is the most used and most popular search engine) is an essential key that can be leveraged for medical practice marketing.

Google Health: Googling Up Answers for Medical Concerns

The most popular health-related queries on Google are regarding breast cancer, heart problems, and depression. All three of these terms signify a serious ailment that needs to be put in front of a specialist or doctor, not a search bar, but that still does not change the fact that people do Google these queries. However, is it totally hopeless? In most cases, the situation is that the people Google first, and go to the doctor next. The quality answers that Google offers, provides users better insight about their health, which they also discuss with their doctors later on.

Using Google Health for Medical Practice Marketing

The main reason why people Google first, go to the doctor later is because they get instant answers. They don’t have to go anywhere, they don’t have to book an appointment – the answers are immediate. So how does this information help medical practices and medical marketers? Simple. The medical practices can offer quality health information that leads users to them directly. They are not only expanding their online presence with more content and blogging, they are also expanding their online reach by connecting with concerned users.

Keywords play a major role in using Google Health for better marketing of your medical practice. The patients who are searching online are mainly using specific keywords to find answers such as “symptoms of breast cancer”. A medical marketer can focus on keywords related to their medical practice and then implement those keywords in their content and answers so that the patients are automatically led to their online site. Thus it is safe to say that using Google Health for medical marketing requires good keyword research.

Additionally, the answers or content provided for the use of patients should be clear, descriptive, and most importantly, easy to understand. Patients are looking for easy medical answers that they can comprehend, not difficult medical terms that only healthcare professionals understand.

With the right answers that are there to benefit not just your medical practice but also concerned patients, both the parties involved can benefit significantly using Google Health. The medical practice marketers enjoy high traffic, increased exposure, and higher potential of customers whereas the patients or users enjoy relevant answers to their medical concerns.

Why You Really Need Online Dental Marketing

online-marketing-for-dentistsOnline marketing has become one of the most effective forms of marketing and can really create effective results when it is done properly. We all know that a lot of people use the internet for various reasons. If you are planning to use such a service, here are a few Dental marketing online tips that you can use

  • Create your own website

When you have your own website, online dental marketing companies can make use of it in the right way to help create the necessary exposure. If you do not have one, then it is a really good idea to get one done for you. A good website will contain all the necessary information that a patient would want to know regarding your business. When it is organized in the right way, it creates a good impact and speaks volumes about your organization.

  • Using SEO services and social media

Social media is one of the best ways to market your products. Even SEO services will help your company as well as your official website get the necessary flow of traffic. These two forms of online marketing on their own can work miracles for a business when it is done properly. With the help of keywords and other such tools, these marketing tips can really help you.

  • Email marketing, content development and blogging

Another way that you can use the help of online marketing is by sending various kinds of Emails to your patients as well as to new and potential customers telling them about the various upcoming campaigns or camps that you are planning to organize. Another way to go ahead and market your company is by developing various kinds of content or blogs that speak about the kind of services your company offers as well as about how your company can benefit a patient. Dental marketing online is all about using the right methods and getting the attention of customer’s.

  • Newsletters and Press Releases

Online dental marketing companies use the help of various kinds of press releases and newsletters to help your business. These forms of marketing can help your business stay in touch with your customer’s and patients and let them know all the various changes that are happening with your business. It also helps people to know what kind of services you offer and at the same time promote your company website. If you have received any kind of achievement or awards, you can spread the word with the help of a press release.

Online marketing has no boundaries on how effective it can be, this is why online marketing is one of the most preferred forms that people use. While it can reach out to a lot of people at the same time, just by following these few simple steps, you can reach out to a lot of people and get the maximum results from your marketing. We all know that when we use technology in the right way, it really helps us a lot.