Three Things Companies Should Know About Organic SEO Services

What is SEO, and why does it matter for your company? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s the difference between your company being visible in search engine results, and never coming up at all.

Organic search engine ranking is highly competitive, and most companies with the top spots in Google search are paying for their websites to show up there. How is that possible, considering that Google doesn’t charge for listings? The answer is simple, though the process can get complicated: there are certain techniques that can help gain websites a higher rank for certain keywords.

Are you interested in SEO marketing services for your company? Here are three things you should keep in mind.

1. Organic SEO Services are Worth Researching
Unlike your vegetables, organic SEO services aren’t available at your local grocery store. Like them, however, the real deal is going to cost a little more than other web services. It can be tempting to pay for the first low-price service you find. If they use underhanded tactics to boost your rank, however, you might find yourself penalized by Google — a total loss of your investment. Research any company you consider hiring for SEO work. See how they’ve reacted to recent Google algorithm changes, and what their customer feedback has been.

2. Designing a Website With SEO Marketing Services in Mind
Did you know that a well designed website is better for SEO on multiple levels? Not only can it help your site rank higher, but it can also help ensure that the people who do come to your site through search results aren’t turning around and leaving just as quickly. For better rank, SEO companies can make sure your site is designed to have unique content copy and tags — even just copy/pasting descriptions from your manufacturer can set you back in rank. For better click-through rates, they can make your site faster — a site that takes four seconds to load loses 40% of its initial traffic as a result.

3. A Great Company Can Provide Other Services
In this day and age, you’re either all in or you have a gaping hole when it comes to your online media presence. For this reason, it makes sense to hire someone who can manage your website, your SEO, and your social media services. It’s important to be on the ball with social media because it ends up serving as an engagement vehicle for your brand. Americans spend an average of almost 40 minutes a day using social media.