Ten Surprising Facts About Search Engine Marketing

seo marketing companiesA strong web design is no longer enough when it comes to small business online marketing. One of the strongest internet marketing strategies for a company to make use of nowadays is SEO. But what is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or web page in a search engine’s results.

The higher a site appears on the results page, the more visitors it will receive. SEO marketing companies help to improve a company or organization’s standings in these results, resulting in more visitors, and more visitors which turn into actual sales.

Search engines change their algorithms often, to make sure they are ranking the highest quality content, so it can be difficult for business owners to keep up, and make sure their websites remain highly ranked. Organic SEO services will improve a site’s organic, or un-paid, search results, keeping track or the changing algorithms, and adjusting their approach accordingly.

Wondering if your search engine ranking is important? Check out these search engine facts, and see why you want to make sure your company’s website is ranking high.

  • About 93% of Internet experiences start with the use of a search engine.
  • Inbound leads, such as those from a search engine, have an average close rate of 14.6%, compared to the close rate of 1.7% from outbound leads.
  • About 82.6% of Internet users use search engines.
  • Search engines field over 100 billion inquiries each month.
  • Search engines are the #1 driver of traffic to content websites.
  • 75% percent of search engine users never scroll past the first page of results.
  • 18% of organic clicks go to the site in the #1 position on Google.
  • Each search engine has its own method of determining the ordering and placing of selected websites.
  • Search engines are able to pick up on tricks by webmasters designed to increase their search rankings, and can reverse them.
  • Search engines will block or blacklist sites that are considered spam, or are not following SEO regulations.

If you want to increase your company’s web presence and boost your search result rankings, but aren’t sure how to do so, SEO marketing companies would be happy to help you. They know the tricks of the trade, and the secrets to help get your website to climb up towards the top of the results page. SEO marketing companies pay close attention to changing search engine algorithms, and will be able to change their approach with the times, to make sure you are ranking successfully.