Social Media Marketing Trends You Should Not Ignore

The truth is that the success of the social media marketing lies in the mixture of different fruitful strategies. The wrong combination of strategies will make your customers run away instead of coming to you. You can increase the use and the profits of social networking site effectively for the marketing if you plan your social media strategies perfectly like the social media optimization according to the latest trends. Some of the recent trends are highlighted in this article that was published by Forbes that was based on the Social Media Marketing Industry Report of 2013.

Less use of social bookmarking sites

According to the reports of the research, the use of the social bookmarking sites has been decreased to ten percent from twenty six percent in the year of 2011. This massive drop in the percentage shows that how badly the bookmarking sites fail. Though there are different sites that are still popular like StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit and etc. but the majority of the sites are almost dying among the marketers. This is the reason why we cannot blindly trust the bookmarking sites nowadays for the marketing purposes. Instead of this, we need to check for the sites that are popular and have a good visitor number and also performs the bookmarking very cautiously.

The Decline of the Daily Deal Sites

Deal Features on a daily basis is quite an attractive way of getting the attention of a large number of targeted audiences at a same time. The report of this research tells us that there is a huge amount of marketers, say 80 percent, who are not at all interested in using the most used site of daily offers for the campaign of their sites in near future. People nowadays, concentrate much on the specific amount of the return that is received from the purchases that they make. Therefore, it is quite useful for marketers to use the social networking sites in order to have a long term marketing goal rather than having daily goals.

Best websites for the social media campaign

The marketers who massively take help of social media in order to complete the marketing task need to carry out the social media campaigns. Social Media Campaigning is basically to use the social networking sites for the promotion of one company’s brand or product in order to attract the audience. The campaign can only be popular if the website that is relevant, is popular among the customers.

The report of this research tells us that the marketers who spend a time of more than forty hours a week on a social media marketing can carry out their campaigns on different effective social media sites like Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube as compared to those marketers who spend less than six hour per week on social media for the marketing and campaigning of their product.