Three Things You Shouldn’t Say to an SEO Expert

starting a websiteAre you trying to design a website for your company, and wondering what it is that allows certain websites to get to the top of search results? Many people have had the same questions you’re struggling with, as you look for ways to market your company online. One of the main drivers of online traffic today is SEO.

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s a collection of internet marketing strategies that ultimately help to optimize a website for search rankings. This way, when potential customers search for, say, “the best pizza company in New York,” your pizza company lists near the top.

Starting a website and using effective SEO techniques might be more difficult than you originally imagine. In the wild west days of the internet, you could potentially pay someone to get you to the top search results. Today, that goes on the list of questions not to ask a legitimate SEO company. But why? Here are three things you shouldn’t ask an SEO expert, and an explanation why.

1. “You should be able to get me to #1, otherwise why am I paying you?”
The reality of the matter is that many, many companies are paying for SEO. The search engine industry, in fact, is worth $16 billion. Consequently, you can’t expect to be the very first entry for every keyword unless you’re willing to spend thousands and thousands of dollars. This isn’t the SEO company’s fault: this is how the industry is today. What can you do? Focus on targeting long tail keywords. This can help connect you to your key audience without wasting money.

2. “All you need to do for me is create some keyword heavy content I can post to my blog.”
SEO today is a lot more subtle than it used to be, and if you rely on very obvious, over-the-top techniques — like jamming 15 keywords into a 200 word blog post, or submitting your URL to random websites for posting — Google could actually slap you with a penalty that causes your rank to fall. Don’t assume that you know SEO better than an expert, or that there’s some secret technique that can get you to shoot up the ranks with only a few minutes of work.

3. “I should see results within a week or I’m dropping this service”
Good SEO marketing companies will be upfront, and not promise you something they can’t deliver. The truth is, SEO isn’t like PPC, in which you pay by the click and get instant results — it takes time to build up, especially if you’re just starting a website now. It requires a consistent posting schedule, and the buildup of inbound links to your website. It’s worth investing in, though, considering that about 80% of search engine users will ignore paid advertisements and instead prefer organic results.

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