What You Should be Aware of before You Hire a Website Designer

Website-DesignWhen it comes to hiring a website designer for your website, one of the biggest mistakes one can make is to go for the first available option. Just because your brother’s son is a novice web designer would be a cheap option or a small web design firm was recommended to you by your friend doesn’t mean you should go for it. There is much to consider as this is an investment you want to make that provides good ROI. Here’s what you should be aware of before you hire a web designer:

Two Types of Web Designers

Some web designers are graphic genies while others are more programming masters. The graphic design experts will give you a site that immediately woos your audience, but there’s not much going on in the background. The programming experts will give you a decent looking site while all the main work will be in the background, providing high-end efficiency. The choice is yours to make but typically, a site that runs well matters more. However, to some, attracting visitors in the first few seconds is the main goal so they go for the graphic designer experts. So choose wisely: functionality and responsiveness or attractive design?

SEO Optimization is a Priority

Before choosing a web designer, ask them if they’re going to focus on optimization. If they say no or straight up look confused about the prospect, you’re not dealing with a professional. A good website designer will always focus on SEO as a priority and optimization will be hinted in the creation of your site.


Obviously, cost is an element that cannot be ignored. Especially for small businesses, every investment is a significant matter, so how does one choose the right cost and budgeting for web design? The thing is, while the cheap offer from your friend or a site boasting really cheap rates may sound good, the value is zero in both cases so whatever you spend is a waste. The friend’s work won’t set you apart like a professional and the cheap company will probably use templates on your site that are generic and unattractive. It is best to choose a decent, reputable company and bear the costs (though compare different companies to find the most suitable rates) – because in the long run, it is a good site that sells, so the ROI will equalize the cost spent.

You will be Working with the Designer You Choose- Their Attitude Matters!

Lastly, it may seem too insignificant to notice but you want to work with someone who is friendly and cooperative. You need to have a good experience building your site and as a business owner, would probably want to have an important say in all the matters. Any web designer who is not communicative or respectful of your wishes is one who isn’t worth it!