5 Simple Conversion Tips To Optimize Your Website

The goal of most websites is conversion – changing a page viewer into a paying customer. However, this is one of the most difficult aspects of online marketing. It can actually be somewhat easy to get people to your website – social media, offline marketing campaigns, and SEO optimization can do that. But once they’re on the site, getting them to actually become a paying customer can seem almost impossible. The view to conversion ratio is always going to be heavily skewed towards views. However, there are some things you can do to make that conversion number inch upwards.

Look at what the Competition is Doing

It might feel like stealing their ideas, but if you look at several of your competitors’ websites, you’ll probably notice that they’re all doing some things the exact same way. That’s because those things have been proven to work. That’s why a lot of e-commerce sites look exactly the same. You might not want to exactly copy someone else’s website, but you can incorporate some of the elements you like the best into your own. Compare your website to theirs and make note of places where the other website is better organized or laid out better.

Make Sure you have a Call to Action

Does your website ask viewers to do something? If not, that might be why they’re not actually doing anything! You need to make sure somewhere on your site is a call to action. These calls need to incorporate your keywords in some way, too. This way, Google and other search engines are likely to associate the call to action with your website.

Make it Seem Urgent

How many visitors to your site consider buying something, then decide they’ll do it later? In many cases, “later” never comes. That’s why you need to also make your call to action seem urgent. Sales can do this, but only if there’s a deadline attached. Don’t just list a product’s sale price, include the date for the end of the sale. In some cases, you might even put in a countdown timer. If you’re offering free shipping for a limited time, make sure customers know they need to act sooner rather than later.

Change the Small Stuff

It sounds crazy, but sometimes, it’s the small stuff that makes all the difference. The wording of your privacy policy, for example, may actually drive people away. A study was done by one website that determined after adding a line about never spamming customers, the number of people who signed up for a newsletter actually dropped. Why? Maybe using the word “spam” made people instantly more protective of their information. Saying things like “we value your privacy” may sound more comforting. But again, it might not – sometimes, trial and error is the only way to determine what works best.

Be Relevent

Finally, the best tip for getting visitors to convert to customers is to simply be relevant. Provide them with what they need. Make it easy for visitors to find the products they want. Have a dynamic website that can generate personalized pages on the fly. Above all, provide reasons for the visitor to stay on your website and make a purchase.