Creative Design

A company’s brand is one of its most important assets. The goal of your company should be to make your brand easily recognizable. The more people are able to identify with the brand of the company, the easier it is to be a successful business. The design of the web page will play a big role in the brand merchandising of the business.

It will not only play a role in the search engine optimization, it will also play a role in how much time people spend on the website. Both of these are needed to help make a brand more recognizable.

We can use WordPress to easily create a custom web design that stands out from the rest. We realize that a brand is more than a simple logo or name. We can work to create a brand that reflects the long term vision for a company.

Web Marketing & SEO

The way that people market their brand is changing. Web marketing techniques such as social media, link building, local search, pay-per-click advertising, and web design are some of the tools that we offer to our clients.

The idea of search engine optimization is not new. Our experience in this field helps us understand what the major search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo, are looking for when they rank their websites.

We can explain the difference between the types of searches including organic or natural searches. We will create a web design and the content that is needed to make it easy to find your business when searched. Our work will help generate the traffic that your business needs to grow.

Web Development

RankXpress fuses creative graphic design with masterful interface construction and crisp development. To create an optimal website for your business, our web developers and web designers work together to balance the look and feel with user experience and purpose. Our team works together at the start of a project to launch your new website.

Our designers and developers work side by side so your website’s form and function work in synergy. RankXpress understands the vast amount of potential that the Wordpress content management system (CMS) has. We recommend Wordpress as our preferred CMS solution for businesses.

The RankXpress team is always up to date with current trends and is one of the top Wordpress design firms around. We create 100% custom Wordpress based sites and Wordpress themes.

Responsive Design

One of the biggest obstacles faced by websites today is the variety of devices that people use to connect to the internet. Tablets, laptops, desktops and smartphones all use different systems. In order to have a website that can be viewed on many decives, web designers used to have to create separate websites for each of the platforms.

With responsive designs for websites, that is no longer needed. We will create a website that can be viewed across all of the different platforms that are in use. Instead of the customer having to adapt to your website, the website will adapt to the customer.

We will make sure to take into consideration the needs of your business with the need to make sure that everyone can see the information that you have to offer.

Social Media

At one time, social media was a way for individuals to connect with each other. It has turned into something much bigger in a very short time. It is now a very powerful tool for businesses that want to grow their brand.

We realize that there are many different types of social media. We can utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, the blogs and forums that are on the internet and other forms of social media. We will develop a plan and focus on the right types of social media for the brand of your business.

Our goal is to create a starting point where people start to treat your business like a partner or a friend. We utilize a competitive analysis of everything around your business to help develop this strategy. We can help create interactive strategies that will help build the relationship between the business and the customers. We will help you utilize Social Media to bring more people to your business.

Ecommerce websites

The key to successful business is having ways to get their products into the hands of the consumers. We can help create websites that will allow your customers to get your products. These websites can act as online locations for your business. With designs that we create, they can become a powerful tool that will expand your business in a big way.

We design websites that customers want to see. They are easy to navigate, have what customers are looking for, use responsive design so they can be ued with all types of devices and they offer other important features such as secure checkouts.

An eCommerce website is an extension of your business. With the right type of design it will be a positive influence on your business and it will help your business grow.

Printing services

We realize that not all of the things that you need for brand merchandising are on the computer. We also have the ability to offer the printing services that will give you the material your business needs. We can offer all of the help that you need to get the job done.

We can help design the printed material and we can print in any quantities that you need. A rush job is not a problem for us. We can finish a project in the time that you need and ship it to you as fast as possible.

We can use our digital technology to handle any size job and are capable of creating flyers, banners, magnets postcards and any other material your business requires. We can work with the budget you have to come up with what your business needs.

Web Hosting

We do a lot of work on the internet to help you with the brand merchandising you need. We also understand the importance of having the right web hosting service to tie everything together. That is one of the original bases of our business.

The web hosting services that we offer are designed to work as the foundation for all of the other work that we do. They provide a great base to help us create the brand recognition that a successful business deserves.

Our web hosting platform is optimized for search engines and it is fast and easy to use. Because we provide a solid foundation with the web hosting services, we can do everything else that will help your business grow.