Google Reviews

There is an old saying in business that when a person has a good experience with a business, they will tell one other person about it. If they have a bad experience, they will tell ten other people. Times have changed. Thanks to the internet and the massive scope of Google, the number of people that can be reached has grown. Instead of telling ten people about a bad experience, it is easy to tell 10,000.

The use of google reviews allows people to reach a much larger audience to relate the story of their experiences with a business. Unfortunately, the ratio of good reviews to bad reviews has not changed much. A person is still ten times more likely to tell others about their negative experience. The problem that businesses have because of Google reviews is that one negative review can have a much larger impact.

The Impact of Google Reviews

There will be some businesses that disregard the impact of the Google reviews. They will downplay the impact that one person’s opinion can have on their business. This is a mistake. A negative review will be seen by many people. It is common for people to research reviews for a product or service online to help them make decisions about how they will spend their money. One negative review that is surrounded by many positive reviews may not have a big impact. Problems start to arise if the negative reviews start to repeat themselves. The negative pattern will keep customers from spending their money.

While the problem of multiple negative reviews may be easier to understand, it is possible that one bad review can have a big impact as well. If the review is spread quickly through the internet and through Google, it can take on a life of its own. A single negative review or a bunch of negative reviews that show a pattern can cause a business to fail in a hurry. It is something that every business needs to address.

The Solution to Google Reviews

Instead of ignoring the problem of negative Google reviews, the smart and successful businesses are finding ways to manage the reviews. The key to managing the Google reviews is knowing what is being said about a business. Accomplishing this is easier said than done.

The speed of the internet means that the reviews can spread very quickly. Time is of the essence and most companies do not have the resources to monitor all of the reviews that are being written about them. That is where our Google review management comes in. We offer a service that has the capabilities and experience to seek out and find Google reviews about a business that can give the business the chance to respond to the reviews in a timely fashion.

There are some services that will write and post Google reviews for businesses. This is not the best way to manage Google reviews and we do not do this. Instead of writing fake reviews that people may not believe, a business can monitor their reviews and respond to the negative reviews to turn them around. The key to a business’s success is to learn from mistakes that are made. With our Google review management, the key to success is in front of the business for them to take.