Online Negative Review Management

A bad review from a customer could be very damaging to a business. It is easy for a review to quickly spread. The review may or may not be completely true. It really does not matter. If others read a bad review and use the information to make a decision whether or not to support a business, that negative review could be the beginning of the end for the business.

It is not possible to stop all of the bad reviews from occurring. The internet, social media and online services have given people plenty of different ways to write reviews about their experience with a business. The bad reviews can happen. A business needs to learn about reviews management and they need to learn how to turn negative reviews into something positive for the business.

Finding the Reviews

The first step in reviews management is to know about any reviews that are being written. Because there are so many avenues for people to leave reviews. There are some places where the reviews will have a bigger impact, but it is important to be aware of any review that has been written about a business.

In order to find the reviews, a business can turn to our services to monitor the places where reviews are written. We can constantly search for reviews about a business and can spot them when they first appear.

The timing of finding a review is the key to using it in a positive way. By finding reviews when they first appear, a business can then move on to the next step of turning a negative review into something positive.

Turning a Negative into a Positive

It does not matter whether a negative review is true or not. If a customer has taken the time to say something negative about a business, it is up to the business to respond to that message in some way.

Some businesses believe that paying someone to write positive reviews will be the best way to combat the negative reviews. That is not what we do for reviews management. Doing this will not fix the problem and we know that seeing a bunch of positive reviews does not make the negative one disappear.

Instead a business should have a plan to respond to the negative reviews. They should have a plan in place that when negative reviews are found, they can contact that customer directly and work to turn that customer’s experience into a positive one. Responses can include offering coupons for a customer or giving them a discount on services. It can also include giving the opportunity to a customer to write another more positive review about their experience.

Businesses may think that a negative review is something that they should ignore and that the positives will always outweigh the negatives. The businesses that do this are setting themselves up for failure. Businesses that are willing to take the effort to turn a negative into a positive are the ones that are handling their online negative reviews management the right way.