Urbanspoon Review Management

If you are looking for a place to eat out at, you have different ways to decide where to go. You may just choose a restaurant that you have driven by and hope that it is a good choice, but doing this could be risky. Unless you have heard what others have said about a restaurant or know the reputation of the restaurant, you are essentially flipping a coin and hoping it comes up heads.

Urbanspoon is a search and social media website that takes the chance out of finding a good restaurant. You are able to search all of the restaurants locally. You cannot only find out what type of food they serve, where they are located and how expensive they are, you can also find out what others think of their experience at the restaurant.

People can write reviews about the restaurants found on Urbanspoon. The reviews can be either positive or negative. There are some limitations on what Urbanspoon will allow to be posted in a review, but that has mostly to do with language and with self-promotion. If you had something good or bad happen to you at a restaurant, you can write about it on Urbanspoon.

What Does that Mean for Restaurants?

One of the first rules of the restaurant business is the customer is always right. If the customer tells the restaurant about something they do not like when they are at the restaurant, they have the ability to find a way to correct their mistakes. They can acknowledge what the customer is saying and can work to turn a negative experience into a positive experience.

When negative reviews are posted on Urbanspoon, the restaurant may think that there is nothing they can do. They are very wrong if they accept the negative reviews and fail to act on them. Successful restaurants are taking the time to manage their Urbanspoon reviews and turn them all into a positive for the restaurant.

How to Manage Urbanspoon Reviews

A restaurant has enough to worry about just to serve their customers on a daily basis. They do not need to spend time monitoring Urbanspoon to see what reviews are being written. Our services can be employed to help them monitor and manage the Urbanspoon reviews.

We can track Urbanspoon for any reviews that are posted. We can report the reviews that we find to the restaurant and help the restaurant manage a response that works within the Urbanspoon framework. We will not write reviews that can be posted on Urbanspoon. We are a provider of information that the restaurant can use to improve their customer’s experience.

There are a few key things that should be considered when managing the Urbanspoon reviews.

  • Timeliness – It is best to respond to the reviews as quickly as possible. Getting information about the reviews when they are posted is the best way to do that.
  • Response – A restaurant should stick with the customer is always right theme and acknowledge the bad experience while also letting the customer know what can be done to fix the problem.
  • Soliciting reviews – It is also a good idea to get customers to post reviews on Urbanspoon. If you let them know how to do this and make it easy for them to do, it will be more likely to happen.