Bing Mobile Search Advertising

As recent as six or seven years ago, businesses could get away without really touching the mobile industry. Yes, there were smartphones and apps, but they weren’t so widespread that nearly everyone had one. Today, that’s no longer true. Most people have an iPhone, Android, or Windows smartphone and use it for more than just calling people or texting. That’s why using a mobile ad platform such as Bing Mobile has become almost a necessity. Those who aren’t advertising through apps or other mobile devices are missing out on a large part of the market.

Connect on a Different Level

Advertising on mobile is a more direct connection with consumers. Ads tend to be much more customized and aimed at what the user is looking for or doing. Bing’s mobile ads can be targeted in a number of ways, including device, location, demographic, or mobile behavior. Ads come in the form of video, rich media, and still images. While Microsoft obviously advertises on their Windows phones, Bing Mobile ads are also available on Android and iOS. There’s no difference between these versions, either.

Connect Through Various Apps

Advertising with Bing Mobile means more than simply getting your ads on mobile sites and on Bing Apps. It also gets your ads up on a number of different Microsoft-owned platforms and properties. Bing Mobile ads will appear on Skype’s mobile version, for example. This is huge because according to information from December of 2013, there are more than 21 million Skype mobile users in the U.S. That’s a huge number of potential customers right there.

Bing Mobile also publishes your ads on the many different Windows phone apps and Bing Apps. This includes Bing Weather, Bing News, Bing Travel, and more. Ads appear on Microsoft’s Mobile Display Network, too, allowing you to reach out to more than 60 million potential customers.

Versatile Advertising

Because mobile platforms deal with so many different apps, mobile websites, and more, advertising on them has to be flexible. Bing Mobile offers users a number of different forms of advertising. You can create banner ads that expand or appear in-page. These ads can appear as an animated banner, an image, or a static banner, plus they can be integrated into Skype or a video. Windows gallery, hot spot, and sensory ads are also available. There are dozens of different options, each with its own pros and cons. Fortunately, Bing Mobile provides all of the information you need about these ads, plus you can talk to one of their experts for more information.