Bing Paid Search Advertising

Bing offers its own paid search advertising through Microsoft. In fact, since the company acquired Yahoo, you can easily advertise on both networks using Microsoft’s ad campaigns. You can get your business name out there, increase leads, and improve your sales very quickly and easily. Bing will even help you set up your account and import any existing Google AdWords campaigns for free.

A Large Share of the Market

Many people assume that because Google is the most popular search engine that it has the largest network share. This assumption is actually correct, but Google isn’t the all-dominating force that many think it is. By merging Bing and Yahoo, Microsoft now has a 30 percent share of the market. That might not seem like a lot, but it translates into a lot of money. Ignoring Google or Microsoft is a bad business move because either way, you’re losing a good number of potential customers.

Cheaper Advertising

When compared to Google, Bing charges less for some of the exact same keywords. This allows you to get better ranking keyword phrases for the same or less than you’d pay per click for Google. In some cases, the savings are upwards of 70 percent or more. While it’s true that your ad may reach fewer people on Bing, it’s also true that you will most likely see a higher conversion rate. Fewer people may see your ad overall, but because you pay per click, you’re generating leads at a lower cost.

Bing Ads are Flexible

One of the things some Google advertisers dislike is that Google has some pretty strict limits and rules regarding their ads. For example, ad titles are limited to 25 characters. Bing, on the other hand, allows up to 40 characters. Is that going to make or break a campaign? Probably not, but can it give you an edge against some of the competition? Yes. Make full use of everything Bing gives you, especially when it lets you be a little more flexible in your advertising.

Better Conversion Rates?

This is where there’s no real hard data. Some businesses say that they get much better sales or conversion rates on Google. Others claim that Bing is the better option. In the end, it tends to come down to what type of business you have. Some get better conversion rates on Google, some on Bing. However, Bing does tend to be cheaper to advertise on, so it’s probably worth it to run campaigns on both.