Call to Action Website

A call to action is a marketing strategy that involves interacting with your customers in such a way that they’re prompted to do something. That something could be write a review of your product, watch a video that could convince them to purchase your product, or even like you on Facebook or mention you on their page. In order for you to have an effective call to action, you must first have a goal in mind.

eCommerce Goals

For the most part, the goal of an eCommerce website is to convert visitors into customers. Listing your products with clear descriptions and great pictures is a start, but it isn’t always enough to set you apart from your competition. This is where Calls to Action come in.

Easy examples of calls to action are buttons that say “Click Here” or “Buy Now.” The problem is that the internet is saturated with websites and products, and the choices are so numerous that there has to be something different about yours that keeps people coming back buying something.

Your call doesn’t have to be something stupendous, but what it should be is something that gives the customer value. If you are in a saturated tech market, for example, you could offer white pages that detail your services or describe a success you had with a client that has needs similar to the visitor.

A site that offers free quotes by simply completing a simple online form is another option. You can offer a free trial of your product if it lends itself to that. For professionals such as lawyers or realtors, you could offer free general advice in a question and answer forum. This allows the visitor to see what you have to offer and gauge your knowledge of the topic. By having it in a forum, other visitors will also see where your knowledge lies.

People browse these forums to see if their question is among those answered because they know that someone out there has a similar problem. Another option is to offer advice but acknowledge that you’re not an expert in the area. Then refer the visitor to the type of professional that could best help them. This makes you a more trusted source of not only information, but also shows you are out to help, not just make money. When visitors need the services you do offer, they will remember that. They will also tell their friends.

Make it Stand Out

Whatever Call to Action you decide upon, make it a prominent feature of your page. If it’s a forum or a contact form, put a link to it on every page to make it easier for the visitor to find it. But don’t make everyone sign up and complete a long form before they can look at content. That’s annoying, and to many people, they see it as strictly a marketing ploy to get their personal information. This alone could make them go elsewhere to seek the services they need.