Keyword Research and Analysis

When creating a website, one of the things you’ll hear a lot about is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO revolves around using keywords correctly. While this concept is fairly easy to grasp, making the most of keywords can be much more difficult than it appears.

Selecting your Keywords

The most difficult part of keyword research and analysis is selecting your keywords. Initially, these may be the words you associate with your business. A florist may use terms like flowers, florist, bouquets, and roses for their keywords. However, these are also somewhat generic keywords that every florist is going to be using. One trick is to refine your keywords to include your area. Florist Denver or florist Colorado will help ensure that you get visitors to your website who live in your area and may be more likely to use your services than those who do not live nearby.


Once you’ve selected your keywords and integrated them into your website using the best SEO practices, it’s time to sit back and let the keywords do their work. However, you can’t simply forget about it. You need to analyze your keywords and their results on a monthly basis. You can do this in a number of ways, such as using Google Analytics or another analysis app. This will let you see how useful the keyword really is by showing you how many times people arrived at your website after entering that keyword in a search engine. Keywords that are giving you a very low return, like ten percent or less, may need to be replaced.

How to Determine new Keywords

If you’ve decided you need to get rid of some of your keywords, the best way to figure out what to replace them with is to look at your site statistics again. You should see a list of search terms users entered to get to your site. If you see the same term coming up again and again, that’s a good keyword for your website. Make sure you’re using that keyword—if not, add it to your list.

Keywords Change

Just because you’ve refined your keywords a couple of times doesn’t mean you’re done. You might come back to your website in a year and be surprised to see those keywords that were doing really well now aren’t. Sometimes this is because a major competitor has come on the scene and is getting some of the traffic you used to get. Sometimes it’s because you’ve changed the focus of your business and your keywords now don’t really apply. Whatever it is, you have to continually analyze and change your keywords to keep traffic flowing to your website.