OpenCart vs ZenCart

Looking for a website store management program? There are a number of different options out there. Two popular ones are OpenCart and ZenCart. These two eCommerce systems are similar in a number of ways, but they do have some significant differences, too. Before selecting one or the other, you should see exactly how they’re different. One may fit your needs much better than the other.


One of the biggest factors in deciding between OpenCart and ZenCart are the features available. OpenCart has many different features, including bulk uploading, daily backups, support for digital and physical products, and the ability to host multiple stores at once. Everything is available right out of the box, plus it offers a number of customization options. The software is available in 18 different languages, plus it offers in-built SEO support.

ZenCart, on the other hand, is very simple to install and fairly flexible itself. It has a very nice drag and drop editor that makes creating your product pages a snap. It also includes extras like database caching, data encryption, daily backup, and more to make certain that your online store is secure and runs smoothly. It gives you the option of selling and accepting gift cards and coupons, plus you can create email lists and newsletters. However, ZenCart is only available in English.

Checkout and Shipping

Another vital section to any eCommerce site is the checkout section. OpenCart offers several online payment options plus money orders and cash on demand. You can also accept multiple currencies. ZenCart, on the other hand, only accepts online payments. Both feature an integrated shipping calculator, USPS price guide, and help with sales taxes. OpenCart offers more tax information plus weight-based and flat fee shipping, too.


Users will be pleased to know that there are a number of different customer service options for both of these platforms. OpenCart offers blogs, videos, and user documents plus email and phone support. ZenCart provides forums, a help desk, a FAQ, a knowledge base, and online assistance. Users should be able to get all of their questions answered no matter which platform they choose.

The Final Decision

Overall, both OpenCart and ZenCart are good platforms. Before you randomly select one, though, take a look at how your needs match up with what they offer. ZenCart is probably better for those who don’t have a lot of technical skills. OpenCart is still very easy to use, but it does take a little more skill. It also has more payment and shipping options and different language support, which may be very useful.