PrestaShop Certified Partners

If you use PrestaShop for your E-Commerce platform, you can add additional modules to enhance your customer experience and to increase your capabilities as your needs change. Options available include everything from developing a mobile site for your store to the ability to promote and sell your products on product comparison websites and marketplaces.

With over twenty-five modules to choose from, finding the solution you need shouldn’t be a problem. Though some modules are expensive, others offer a free trial you can evaluate before deciding if you want to spend the money. Others have both free and premium versions.

Buying Modules from Partners

Purchasing modules from PrestaShop certified partners ensures that the module you choose will work with your version of PrestaShop. Each module defines the version of PrestaShop with which it is compatible, the languages that are supported, the translations available, and the size of the download. You can demo the modules to determine if the module will actually provide the feature or functionality that you require.

Module Examples

These modules are more than just additional features. For example, PrestaShop offers a Google Trusted Stores Module. This module gives you the status of a Google Trusted Stores certified merchant which lets your customers make use of Google’s newest and free services. This can increase your conversion rate and assure your customers that their transactions are safe with you.

Another PrestaShop certified partner module is an online payment system built by Mastercard. With this module, you pay a flat rate on transactions, no additional fees, get your funds within two days, and benefit from accepting a major credit card brand. It can be used for website, mobile, and eCommerce stores. This app has Level 1 PCI compliance and includes a testing environment and tutorials on charging, errors, coupons ,and recurring payments.

If you want your products to really shine, the Shopzilla module will get you on one of the leading shopping comparison sites. With this module, you can sync your products with Shopzilla’s price comparison. When you update your product catalog, it automatically appears on the Shopzilla site. The marketing program is cost per click to online merchants.

PrestaShop has many more certified partner modules, and these examples are only a few of the things you can do to enhance your PrestaShop experience and improve your online experience and presence. If you have a PrestaShop store, or even if you don’t, browse their offerings and see what PrestaShop certified partners can do for your business.