Yahoo Search Marketing

Much like Google AdSense, webmasters and business owners can take advantage of Yahoo Search Marketing to help them make money. It works in much the same way—advertisers pay money to get their ads on a large number of websites, while webmasters select where on their site they want the ads to appear and put together a basic strategy for attracting advertisers to their site. Yahoo pays a per-click rate, which means webmasters make a little bit of money each time a visitor on their page clicks an ad. On the other side, advertisers have to pay a little bit of money for every one of these clicks. While the amount per click seems to be fairly small at first, it can actually ad up very quickly.

Becoming a Part of Yahoo’s Network

Signing up and receiving money (or advertising) via Yahoo Search Marketing is very easy. If you’ve done online marketing before or have an expert on your staff, you can sign up for what they call their self service option. This means you’re in control of everything, but it also means you’re not going to get any help. You’re going to have to come up with your own advertising budget and plan, plus you’ll need to be ready for your ads to be delayed a bit. They often get approved within three days, but not always. Unlike Google, Yahoo still has every ad approved by a person, which means the entire process takes longer.

If you’re willing to pay $199, you can take advantage of the fast track program. You’ll get a good amount of support here. Yahoo professionals will help you get your campaign together, provide tips along the way, and even help you decide on your budget and things like the keywords of your ad. They will also make certain that your ads appear online within three days of approval.

Is it Worth it?

Some people, both webmasters and advertisers, don’t use Yahoo Search Marketing simply because they believe both Google and Bing provide them with more options. However, Yahoo is actually cheaper than Google in a number of ways, even though Google doesn’t have a $199 package. Yahoo has a number of advantages, including a very healthy return on investment. You can also create geo-targeted ads aimed at users from specific locations, get assistance in creating your campaigns, and much more. It may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely worth looking in to.